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Transform your adventure park with Regiondo! Get online reservations, maximize revenue, and ignite your passion for outdoor adventures with our easy and powerful booking software for zipline and high ropes courses.

Zip into new adventures

Elevate your adventure park with Regiondo.

  • Run your business from anywhere

    Run your business from anywhere

    No need to be tied to your desk when you can accomplish just as much from the thrill of the zipline course!

  • Automate your processes

    Automate your processes

    Streamline operations, enjoy the ride and watch your adventure business soar to new heights on autopilot.

  • Skyrocket your profits

    Skyrocket your profits

    Unlock increased revenue thanks to the booking process strategically designed to convert lookers into bookers.

Our Happy Clients

Join the ever-growing community of 6,000+ zipline & high-ropes activity providers who have made Regiondo their preferred choice, enjoying increased bookings, time-saving convenience, and reduced operational costs.
  • More bookings, less hassle

    Regiondo zipline booking system is engineered to maximize conversions and streamline online sales. Empower your customers with a swift and easy-to-use booking flow and let them book tickets in a second!

    More bookings, less hassle
  • Booking tools to empower your business

    Expand your business with a powerful toolset, including dynamic pricing, zipline and high-rope course bundles, automated emails, instant add-ons, and easy review requests. Additionally, Regiondo makes it easy to set up group offers and discounts.

    Booking tools to empower your business
  • Say “no” to overbookings

    Regiondo goes beyond just booking customers. Seamlessly schedule staff, manage equipment, and avoid overbooking with ease.

    Say “no” to overbookings
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200+ sales channels and 3,000+ integrations

Maximize your bookings by unlocking the potential of over 200 sales channels, including GetYourGuide, Viator, and Klook. Or seamlessly connect Regiondo with your preferred third-party tools for enhanced efficiency.

Zipline Your Way to Success with Regiondo

  • Accept online payments

    Accept online payments

    Say goodbye to manual invoicing! Enjoy hassle-free payments directly to your bank account, and accept transactions in multiple currencies via cash, credit cards, or PayPal.

    Accept online payments
  • Maximize walk-in revenues

    Maximize walk-in revenues

    Never miss a walk-up sales opportunity with Regiondo's POS and ticket scanning app. Process activities and add-ons in seconds, making in-person selling a breeze.

    Maximize walk-in revenues
  • Sell more with gift cards

    Sell more with gift cards

    Boost revenue year-round with easy-to-purchase gift cards that elevate slow season sales while offering unforgettable experiences.

    Sell more with gift cards
  • Save money on tools

    Save money on tools

    Regiondo is an all-in-one platform that incorporates all the tools you need for successful management of your business: CRM, email communications, sales reporting and much more!

    Save money on tools
Accept online payments
Maximize walk-in revenues
Sell more with gift cards
Save money on tools

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